What will you prefer? One time investment or Recurring expenses for marketing & advertising

When we are talking about online marketing for any business the very first thing comes in our mind is to build WEBSITE or get help from online advertising agency. So, which one is batter? well our technical experts says both are batter then each other and both have their pros and cons. In this article we are going do discuss about either you should go for build WEBSITE (which in one time investment) or you should go for online advertising agency (the recurring expenses process).

Let’s discuss about website first.

You have to pay one time development cost for it and you can do marketing your business across the web to any number of people & on any social media platform (facebook, twitter, instagram etc.).

As you are the owner of the website you can customize you advertising page at any time without any extra cost. Only thing you need is just basic knowledge of website designing tools.

You can run your business promotion for 1 days or for 1 week or for 1 month or as long as you wish. You don’t need to pay any extra money for extending the promotion days.

Online marketing with website can increase the credibility of your business. It can create strong image about your business in front of your valuable audience.

You can track the data about your website like “how many visitors are there on your website in last week?” or “How many visitors has clicked on your exciting offer image?” or “How many people shows their interest in your new product or service” etc.

On other hand, If you planning to marketing your business through any advertising agency then,

They have their advertising experts who advertise your business in efficient way to target correct audience. Of course they will charge you for this task but result will in your favor at the end of the day.

The period of promoting your business will be limited most likely they offer weekly or monthly basis. So if you want to continue promoting your business then you need to pay extra cost. that’s why this is the recurring process.

Advertising agency always stay updated with the latest technology so that they can attract their customers. So if you buy advertising package from them you can use the latest technology for promoting your business.

As you are only the customers of some advertising agency you will get limited information about your advertising page. So you cannot track your visitors activity as well as you never come to know the core interest of your valuable audience.

The most important this is you are indirectly marketing their advertising business through your business page.

So, as per our technical experts “It is batter to be the owner (your own WEBSITE) rather then become a customer (to some advertising agency)”. One time investment have the long term benefits with limited expense on the other hand recurring process has short term benefits and you will never come to know exact expense amount. Feel free to contact us for building WEBSITES or advertising your business.

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