Things to be kept in mind while developing web product

Follow these steps for developing website or any web products. If you understand the core requirement of your customer then it becomes easy to design the initial screens. Once you complete the initial screen designs you may proceed to build a prototype for data flow across the screens. This process clears your view about website’s look and database design.

Now you can start coding according to screens design and data flow models. Meanwhile this development stage you need to stay connected with your customer for continuously evaluating of the website. So that customer can suggest you his/her changes as per his/her need. At last you need to use “trial & error” strategy to make final product error free.

Know all requirements from customers and filter out the core requirements

Prepare SRS :  Resources that you need while developing web product

Build prototype & Finalize the designs with customers

Stay in touch with customer when your are in development stage

Trial and error : This is how you can match the final product with customer’s requirements

Design test cases : To check the web product you build is working correctly or not