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We, Vruxsol Web Developers, believe in quality. Our work is not only to build products for our customers, but we build a web bridge for our customers through which they can grow their business across the web.

7 Steps Of Development

A Simple web development process that results efficient web products without compromising quality.

  • Arrange First Meetup
  • Collect Your Business Information
  • Analyse Your Requirements
  • Build Initial Prototype & Designs
  • Develop An Actual Product
  • Perform Multiple Tests On Product
  • Deliver Project Within Estimated Time
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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Vruxsol Web Developers. We appreciate your interest in Vruxsol products & services.

This site is made available to you subject to the following Terms of Use which if accepted by you will constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Vruxsol. In these Terms of Use, "Vruxsol" means Vruxsol Web Developers, its subsidiaries, affiliates, holding companies, and any other legal entity anywhere in the world, that is held by, or is held under common control with, or is the holder of Vruxsol, whether in whole or in part.

  • Ensure all project requirements before any new project / existing projects goes under development phase. Changes in requirements during/after development phase can increase the cost of the project.

  • Project cost will be finalized before the development phase and it remains unchanged from our side if any additional requirements not included by the project owner. Client have to pay 20% in advance of total estimated cost. all advance payments are non-refundable/non-transferable regardless of the situation/condition.

  • Once project delivered, Any changes/modification in project can leads to the additional cost. if project code changed by the project owner / other developers, who is not 'Vruxsol Web Developers' team members then we, vruxsol team members are not responsible for any failure of project & we are not responsible for recovering the failure.

  • Vruxsol Web Developers and our any team members are not responsible for any data(text, images, videos and any kind of files) displays on project owner's website / Mobile Application / software once the project delivers to the project owner. At the time of project delivery, we ensure that project owner takes all the responsibilities of his/her project and agree that he/she is the only responsible person for any kind of data* on their website / apps / software.

  • We work in time frame so any delay from the client end may leads to the additional cost. Clients have to pay the installment/advance cost on/before the decided date & time. If client fails to pay then we can stop working on the project and/or we can add DPC(Delay Payment Charges) in next/last payment installment. For any reason client cancel/stop project development then 'Vruxsol Web Developers' are not going to refund the advance payment and If project is under development stage then client have to pay 35% of total amount.

  • By submitting any form on www.vruxsol.com (entire website) you agree that 'Vruxsol Web Developers' can contact you via call, SMS, email. We may send you the information about the company. You also agree that if you want to discontinue the SMS or Call or e-Mails, you have to request us at vruxsol@gmail.com with the subject of ["Stop_Vruxsol_Information"]. Vruxsol Web Developers may amend, update or otherwise change, at any time and without prior notice, any or all of the Terms of Use, the conditions and/or the provisions included in this site. Each such amendment shall become automatically valid and enforceable at the time when first displayed by us in the Site.