Things to know before setup your first website


We already explore the core benefits of having a website for business in our previous article, now in this article we are going to discuss about “things to know before setup your first website”

If you planning to create website then this factors can affect on your website’s performance and of course on your pocket also. so analyse each factors  effectively to minimize the development cost and maximize online revenue for your business form your website.

Name of the website (Domain Name)
This factor can make huge impact while marketing your business with website. you need to select your website name that matches with users search keywords. in those cases your website have a batter chance to get listed on the first page of the Google search result page.

Server capacity (in terms of size & flexibility)
Case 1: suppose you have server of 8 GB RAM, but your monthly website visitors is only 250 people.
Case 2: you have 2GB RAM in your website server and your monthly visitors are 10000 people.
both case there is huge waste of resources in terms of money and performance of the website.
in case 1 you have high quality server but don’t have sufficient visitors to utilise that resource. so this is not the cost effective solution.
in other case (the 2nd one) you have large number of visitors but don’t have sufficient server to handle that number of visitors. this can drop down the performance of the website and you can lose your valuable visitors.

do you know your target audience? do you have enough website visitors? can you convert your visitors into customers efficiently? if NO then try to figure out these questions to improve the credibility of your website.

website traffic analysis (expectation v/s reality)
analyse your website traffic to configure your website server effectively. you need to balance in between server cost and website performance.

Website platform, security and payment gateways
are you going to offer online service to your clients or are you going to sell your products online then you need to select proper website building platform which must be highly secured, can be integrate with any payment gateway easily.

So, go through all above factors before you setup your first website. and yes if you have any query then feel free to contact our technical consultant. we are happy to guide you in right direction.