Does your business really needs a website?

Does your business really needs website? well, answer of the question could be “YES” or it could be “no”. it depends on too many factors like your business place, your customers, your business goal, your business revenue (expectation v/s reality) etc.

There are too many ways to growing & advertising your business. Building WEBSITE is the most poplular and effective way to grow your business. why it is very effective way, we have already discussed in our earlier article. in case you missed, you can read at “Why anyone needs a website ?

Need to build WEBSITE or not? Answer of this question depends on following factors

Place of your business : If your business established at correct place then you don’t ned to spend extra mony for advertising. It will be done automatically as people already visiting that area regularlly. but you have to worry if your business is established in the high rise building or somewhere on the corner of the eart where hardly anyone passes in this case “YES” you really needs website to get popular and for attracting people towards your business.

Know your customers : -before building website first, know your customers. as they are frequent user of the internet or just using internet for social medias like facebook and whatsapp. If they are using internet for gaining knowledge about some new thing then you can build up their intrest in your business by targeting them with proper business plans.

Your business goal : YES this is the most important factor to decide to build website or not. If your business plan includes “To get spread across the globe” by opening branches at different location then first you need to attract people of that area, you need to know their interest. And only way to get those details is to get feedback from them. and this task can easily done by WEBSITE.

Of course other factors are also there like money flow, cost factor, menpower management, risk & revenue analysis etc etc. But all are them can messure easily if you have proper data about your business. WEBSITE can collect store adn display this kind of data. so say YES to build webiste if you grow exponentially.