Tips to improve website SEO

In now a days building any website and making it popular is complex & time consuming task as you have many competitors who has already setup their website with good google ranking and performing batter SEO then you website.

But if you want stand in front of your competitors then you need some strong website SEO strategy so that you can easily ranking up your website on google. So today in this article we are going to discuss about some useful SEO tips through which you can improve your website ranking.

Structure your website and each data : That menace you have to declare every thing inside your pages. Titles, meta tags name, meta tags description, use <h1> to <h6> heading tags. Google all time looking for these things. If the searched words found in this tags then your page is selected for display in search result.

Lighten you web pages : One another factor is the “Page Speed“. If google finds the page that contains searched words in it and loading speed of that page is good enough then there is a chance to get listed on higher rank in search result.

Latest contents with date & time : Time & date can increase the efficiency of the google search result. Google always shows the results with latest date & time so update your website contents on daily basis with date & time mention it it.

Sitemaps: Submit your website sitemaps to google search console so that Google can understand your website structure.

Use data highlighters and structured data : Google offers to highlight your website data by tagging your website data with google tags. If you provide any service or you have your own product or you are running some offer on website or there is some event in your organization then you just need to tag you page with data highlighters so that google can display those data in attractive way.

There are lots of other things that can improve your website SEO but above things are essential to get listed on google with higher page rank. If you want to batter SEO service then feel free to contact us. We are happy to hear you.